Pathogens – How Long Can They Survive on a Surface?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all much more aware of germs, bacteria and hygiene. Disinfectant products, such as hand sanitiser, wipes and sprays, are essential for any setting, particularly those occupied by the public. Frasers Hygenix Bacoban products offer ultimate long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus when used on a surface.
So, how long do pathogens last on a surface?
Pathogens Life Span
A pathogen is a virus, bacteria, fungi or microorganism that can cause disease and illness in the host. This means pathogens must be eradicated wherever possible. Pathogens can enter the body of a host in several ways. This includes through the eyes, nose and mouth, and open wounds.
The diseases caused by the spread of pathogens include viruses, such as COVID-19, and common flu and cold viruses.
Pathogens can survive outside of a host for a long time, with some staying on surfaces for several months. It depends on the pathogen and the type of surface.
The Flu Virus
On a solid, non-porous surface, the flu virus can survive for 24-48 hours. However, on surfaces such as paper and cloth, it is more like 8-12 hours. On the skin, it is less than an hour. The flu virus is easily killed with good disinfectant products, such as the Bacoban products available from Frasers Hygenix.
The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is the SARS-CoV-2. This can last on surfaces for days. It is thought the COVID-19 virus can last up to a month on surfaces such as glass and steel and two weeks on cotton. It can also survive on cardboard for up to 24 hours and stainless steel and plastic for up to three days. The cooler the temperature in the environment, the longer the virus can last. Hotter temperatures help to kill it quickly.
Another reason this virus is so contagious is that it can live in the air for up to three hours. With all this in mind, high-quality disinfectant products and hand washing are crucial.
The Right Products
Frasers Hygenix provides Bacoban disinfectants in various forms. This includes hand sanitisers, singular wipes, multiple wipes, and sprays that can kill the virus on surfaces for up to ten days.
For more information about the products we offer at Frasers Hygenix, contact us on 0208 597 8781.



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