How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus

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Hospital Medical Wipes

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Care Homes and Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount for every setting, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Care homes are a setting where hygiene has always been a

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A wealth of information and advice on protecting yourself against covid-19 is available from the NHS. Some of this advice may seem obvious, but it is always good to have clear pointers for reference.

If you touch a surface after an infected person has touched it, likely, you will also become infected. Many people will not know that they are carrying the virus straight away, so will be spreading it unknowingly. The virus tends to survive longer on hard and non-porous surfaces, with glass being at the top of the list.

Here, we look at some of the things you should do, as well as what you should avoid doing if you want to protect yourself against covid-19.

• Pay for your shopping using contactless payment. If you are spending more than the contactless limit, try to use a glove when typing on the keypad. If you do not have gloves than be sure to use hand-sanitiser immediately after.
• Do not let anyone else touch your phone or tablet screen.
• Avoid using bank ATMs where possible. Use gloves or sanitiser if you must use one.
• Avoid using self-checkout tills as these are one of the worst things for spreading the virus.
• If you share a desk or a computer, be sure to wipe and sanitise before and after use.
• Use Bacoban products. Bacoban has a fantastic range of cleaning and disinfectant products to help keep your home or office clean and safe for ten days after use.
• Avoid touching door handles as much as you can and always use sanitiser if you do touch one. This is particularly important in public places such as transport and public toilets.
• Try to keep to one drinking cup or glass in your work environment.
• Try not to touch items in shops unless you are sure you will be buying it.
• Do not try out display items in stores, particularly technical items with glass or plastic screens.
• Wear gloves when picking up the fuel pump handle at the petrol station. Sanitise your hands straight after filling up your car.
• When you wash your hands, be sure to follow government advice and do so for 20 seconds.

We all want to do what we can to avoid catching covid-19, and these tips above will certainly give you a good chance of doing so. It is unrealistic to say we can 100% protect ourselves from the virus, but we can dramatically reduce the risk of becoming infected.

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