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Care Homes and Hygiene

Hygiene is paramount for every setting, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Care homes are a setting where hygiene has always been a

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They say health is wealth, and you need to protect your health more than your wealth. With the global pandemic hovering over us, it is the need of time to be prepared. You can avoid so many diseases just by adopting good cleaning habits. We do not realize it much, but our hands get dirty the most, and most of the germs and viruses enter our body through our hands. Make sure to clean your hands as many times as possible throughout the day.

Clean hands equal better health:

As said earlier, if you keep your hands clean, you can avoid so many diseases. As humans, we use our hands to point, grab, throw and touch our body, like our face, all the time. While we are busy handling different tasks, our hands keep collecting dust, germs, and viruses from the surfaces we touch. At the same time, we keep scratching our face, touching our nose and mouth intentionally or unintentionally, inviting all those germs and viruses to enter our bodies through our mouths and noses. It is essential to keep our hands clean all the time, and how can we do that? Well, here are a few ways you can keep your hands clean all the time.

Wash your hands – frequently:

The easiest way to keep your hands clean, germ and virus free is to wash them. You can wash your hands with just water; however, the best way to get rid of dust, germs, and viruses is to use soap. You can use bar soap or liquid handwash to really clean your hands.

You should start by washing your hands first and then apply soap (bar or liquid) generously on your hands. Make sure to turn off the tap while using soap and apply soap all over your hands. Lather and wash your hands. For best results, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Sanitize your hands – throughout the day:

If you do not have access to water and soap all day long, you should keep hand sanitiser “handy” with you. Use hand sanitiser medical supplies to really clean your hands all day long without water. There are many kinds of hand sanitiser medical supplies you can choose from to clean and disinfect your hands and ensure a healthy, germ-free life. The most common hand sanitisers have alcohol in them to disinfect and can come in plain liquid form, gel-based or foam-based solutions to help clean your hands.

Among many types of hand sanitiser medical supplies, the best ones are foam based. Foamy sanitisers cover lots of surface area and do not make your hands sticky. Use it and get back to whatever you were doing without waiting for your hands to get dry or stick to each other. We recommend using Bio Hygiene Foam Hand Sanitiser and Dexan Hand Sanitiser. Both these hand sanitisers are hospital recommended and can fight a wide array of germs and viruses. These hand sanitiser medical supplies can help fight the COVID-19 virus caught on your hands to a great extent as well.

Bio Hygiene Foam Hand Sanitiser is the best foam hand sanitiser that effectively covers more surface area than any other type of hand sanitiser and lasts longer as well. While Dexan Hand Sanitiser is not only effective against germs and viruses but also helps protect your skin because it has aloe vera in it.

Use gloves:

Another best way to avoid getting germs and catching viruses from your hands is to use gloves. Rubber gloves, surgical gloves, or single-use disposable gloves can help protect your hands from touching dirty and infected areas. They can offer the best protection against dirt, dust, germs, and viruses, but you have to be careful not to touch your face or body with your hands; otherwise, only your hands will remain clean, and the rest of your body will not.


Stay safe and stay healthy. Keep your hands clean and disinfected with the best hand sanitiser medical supplies like Bio Hygiene Foam Hand Sanitiser and Dexan Hand Sanitiser.


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