Forgotten Surfaces That Should be Wiped with Antibacterial Wipes

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Sanitizing buttons using Hospital Medical Wipes
Hospital Medical Wipes

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Care Homes and Hygiene

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The last year has seen us all up our game regarding hygiene, with hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes becoming an absolute must-have. Many of us will have a pack of wipes in our bag or on our desk. Using good quality wipes, such as the Bacoban wipes we offer at Fraser Hygenix, will help limit your chances of coming into contact with bacteria and viruses.

While there are many prominent areas that we should wipe, some equally essential areas may be overlooked. Here, we look at some surfaces that you may not have thought about wiping but may be transmission points for viruses.

Cash Machines – A cashless society feels like it is fast approaching, and many businesses will encourage this. However, cash machines are still heavily used. Unfortunately, a cash machine can easily transmit viruses as people type in their PIN and requests and huddle over the screen to protect their information. This also applies to PIN machines in shops and restaurants. Think about how many other customers would have touched the keypad.

Computer screens and keyboards – Hot-desking in a workplace can see multiple people touching screens and keyboards. This should be kept to a minimum, or antibacterial wipes should be used.

Taps – Bathroom and kitchen taps may seem clean areas, but they can easily transmit germs and viruses. This is particularly true in shared spaces such as workplaces, staff room and public toilets.

Shopping deliveries – It is easy to think the items you order online magically arrive straight from production. However, the truth is that many people may have handled, packaged, and transported your items. It will also likely be in a van with many other people’s things. For these reasons, it is best to use Bacoban wipes to clean your items on arrival.

Chargers – Phones, iPads, tablets, and watches are just some of the items that require chargers. Sharing these or using ones in public places carries a risk of transmission, so these should always be wiped before use.

Switches – Light switches, and plug sockets are used by many people every day. This is especially true of work environments. Be sure to wipe the switches in your home daily, and if you do need to use any in a shared workplace, they should also be wiped.

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