Fogging and Nebulising – What is the Difference?

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Fogging and nebulising are both highly effective ways of covering areas, but many people are unsure of the difference between the two.

Here we look and the key differences between fogging and nebulising.

Fogging Machines

A fogging machine forms a visible but fine mist of droplets that range from 10-50 microns in diameter. The fogging machine is pointed at the surface requiring treatment. This could be a workspace or furniture etc. The droplets shoot from the fogging machine onto the surface at a force dependant on the power of the machine and the size of droplets. The range this covers tends to be around 1-3 metres.

A fogging machine is usually operated by one person carrying the equipment and directing it to the area that needs treating. For sites that contain sensitive items, such as computers, desks and machinery, the use of fogging equipment is not recommended.

Fogging machines are an excellent option for administering chemical solutions and can be used in residential and business settings.

Professional and affordable fogging equipment is available through Frasers Hygenix.

Nebulising Machines

A nebulising machine uses a dry mist. This dry mist consists of almost invisible tiny droplets that shoot from the nebulising machine within an enclosed area. This may be computer rooms, aircraft, operating theatres etc. Essentially, a nebulising machine turns liquid into mist form to enable it to be administered to the desired areas easily and quickly.

Nebulising machines operate on a timer. The user places the nebulising machine in the required setting, sets the timer accordingly and leaves the area. The mist covers the target area once the timer goes off and the operator has left. The tiny mist of droplets floats through the room, coating all exposed areas. These droplets take longer to descend than the larger ones used with the fogging machine. This means that the treatment area is likely to be out of use for at least an hour after treatment is complete.

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