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Fogging Explained

Fogging is the process of covering all areas that require cleaning and decontamination. It is an increasingly popular cleaning and disinfectant method due to the current pandemic. Fogging enables the user to cover an entire area and its contents with a disinfecting mist. This will work for soft furnishings such as chairs, sofas, carpets and curtains, killing bacteria and viruses.

The Fogging Process

Fogging is performed as part of deep cleaning and is carried out by professional technicians. The technician will wear full protective clothing and breathing equipment to carry out the process.

A sanitising mist is then sprayed across the entire treatment area, including all soft furnishings, which are often overlooked during regular cleaning. The fogging machines enable the user to cover the room quickly, leaving it clean and virus-free. The mist also kills off anything lingering after regular cleaning.

How Safe is Fogging?

Fogging is a very safe and effective cleaning method. It can be performed quickly and safely, often within just a few minutes. You will need to give the mist adequate time to settle and work, so the area will need to be out of use for a few hours.

The Benefits of Fogging Over Commercial Cleaning

Fogging is a thorough and effective way of cleaning and decontaminating. A fogging machine will ensure the mist covers every part of a room and its contents. It can be easy to miss areas with regular cleaning, and you can never be entirely sure if everything has been cleaned properly. It is also tricky to perform adequate cleaning on soft furnishings such as sofas and carpets without using a fogging machine.

Fogging is also a quick cleaning method, often only taking a few minutes to perform. The room may be out of action for a few hours, but it can be done at the end of the day and ready for use the following day. Fogging is an excellent cleaning process to include regularly on top of your usual cleaning routine, and it is suitable for domestic and commercial settings.

It is important to talk with a cleaning specialist, such as Frasers Hygenix, before carrying out fogging yourself. Frasers have the best equipment to enable professional fogging.

For more information about the cleaning services and products we offer at Frasers Hygenix, contact us on 0208 597 8781.


Fogging Equipment Supplier

Frasers Hygenix takes pride in being a professional hygiene product and fogging equipment supplier. We have a range of high-performing fogging equipment to ensure safe

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