Cleaning Your Phone During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Our mobile phones come everywhere with us, don’t they? But have you ever thought about the number of bacteria and germs it picks up day-to-day? We ensure the surfaces that we come into contact with are clean and disinfected during the current pandemic. Our phone screen is probably the most touched surface of all, and it is estimated that we touch it more than 2,000 times a day.


How and when to clean your phone

Disinfectant wipes are usually sufficient to use on mobile phone screens and cases. However, it is best to check with the manufacturer beforehand. Many phone providers will have updated information regarding Covid-19, and this should include the best way to clean your device.

It is thought that cleaning your device once a day should be sufficient, but if you have reason to believe you have been in close contact with someone carrying a virus, you may wish to clean it more frequently.

It is vital to be washing your hands frequently and social distancing. This will limit the germs and bacteria your phone will have contact with. It is impossible to wash your hands every time you touch your phone screen, but frequent washing is recommended. You should also avoid letting other people use your phone to reduce the chances of contamination.


Bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Studies have revealed that our phone can carry many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Most of these will be harmless. However, to ensure you are doing everything you can to limit contamination, cleaning your phone and its case daily should be part of your routine. Some disease-causing bacteria can survive on surfaces long enough to transmit to and infect yourself or someone else.


What to use for cleaning

Apple advises that you use soft and lint-free cloths when cleaning your phone and its case. You should not wipe aggressively or excessively and be sure to unplug all devices before you clean. Do not allow the liquid to enter any openings on your device. Sprays, aerosols and bleaches should be avoided.

Alcohol wipes are recommended as the safest option for cleaning your phone and case, but avoid using these on leather or fabric. Alcohol wipes contain a gentle disinfectant.

Fraser Hygenix has a range of Bacoban disinfectant products, including sprays and wipes. These can be used on many household items and surfaces to ensure bacteria in your home are kept at bay. This will significantly reduce the risk of your hands becoming contaminated and, therefore, help keep your phone screen cleaner and safer.

For more information on how Fraser Hygenix can help protect you, contact us on 02085978781



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