Fogging – All You Need to Know

Fogging Frasers Hygenix

Fogging Explained Fogging is the process of covering all areas that require cleaning and decontamination. It is an increasingly popular cleaning and disinfectant method due to the current pandemic. Fogging enables the user to cover an entire area and its contents with a disinfecting mist. This will work for soft furnishings such as chairs, sofas, […]

Fogging and Nebulising – What is the Difference?

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Fogging and nebulising are both highly effective ways of covering areas, but many people are unsure of the difference between the two. Here we look and the key differences between fogging and nebulising. Fogging Machines A fogging machine forms a visible but fine mist of droplets that range from 10-50 microns in diameter. The fogging […]

Pathogens – How Long Can They Survive on a Surface?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made us all much more aware of germs, bacteria and hygiene. Disinfectant products, such as hand sanitiser, wipes and sprays, are essential for any setting, particularly those occupied by the public. Frasers Hygenix Bacoban products offer ultimate long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus when used on a surface. So, how long […]

How To Ensure Your Pub Or Restaurant Is Covid-Safe

Many pubs and restaurants have been closed for the best part of a year, and sadly a significant number have not survived the pandemic restrictions. The easing of lockdown restrictions means that pubs and restaurants can start trading again, but this must be done safely and in accordance with strict COVID-19 guidelines. Many business owners […]

Care Homes and Hygiene

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Hygiene is paramount for every setting, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Care homes are a setting where hygiene has always been a priority due to many residents being vulnerable with potentially weaker immune systems. Hands Hygiene Hand hygiene is crucial, and frequent, thorough handwashing is one of the best ways to achieve […]

Bacoban helping with the safe return to work

Thankfully, the Covid pandemic seems to be more manageable now due to the successful rollout of inoculations. Companies now are beginning to plan the slow but safe return of employees to the workplace. Disinfectants are high on the agenda and the shopping list. Be aware that the standard types of disinfectants used will only destroy […]

Forgotten Surfaces That Should be Wiped with Antibacterial Wipes

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The last year has seen us all up our game regarding hygiene, with hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes becoming an absolute must-have. Many of us will have a pack of wipes in our bag or on our desk. Using good quality wipes, such as the Bacoban wipes we offer at Fraser Hygenix, will help limit […]

Lockdown Easing

Business reopening after lockdown

The Government has now released lockdown easing programs to allow us to slowly return back to normal. Many aspects of our lives will remain the same, social distancing, wearing of masks etc. This is necessary to ensure that infection numbers continue to fall, and we do not get another rise. Bacoban is not just any […]

Cleaning Your Phone During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Man sanitizing mobile phone with wipe

Our mobile phones come everywhere with us, don’t they? But have you ever thought about the number of bacteria and germs it picks up day-to-day? We ensure the surfaces that we come into contact with are clean and disinfected during the current pandemic. Our phone screen is probably the most touched surface of all, and […]

How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus

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A wealth of information and advice on protecting yourself against covid-19 is available from the NHS. Some of this advice may seem obvious, but it is always good to have clear pointers for reference. If you touch a surface after an infected person has touched it, likely, you will also become infected. Many people will […]