Hospital Medical Wipes

Sanitizing buttons using Hospital Medical Wipes

Why use hospital medical wipes? Hygiene is an essential part of day-to-day life, now more than ever. This applies to every setting, but particularly so for hospitals and health care settings. Hospital medical wipes are a convenient and highly effective way of ensuring maximum hygiene. Hospital medical wipes, such as the Bacoban wipes offered by […]

Bacoban helping with the safe return to work

Thankfully, the Covid pandemic seems to be more manageable now due to the successful rollout of inoculations. Companies now are beginning to plan the slow but safe return of employees to the workplace. Disinfectants are high on the agenda and the shopping list. Be aware that the standard types of disinfectants used will only destroy […]

Spray Disinfectant for Hands

dexan spray disinfectant for hands

Frasers Hygenix offers spray disinfectant for hands that is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses fast. Spray disinfectant for hands may not have been a product anyone would deem essential before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is fast becoming a safe and easy way to ensure your hands are germ-free. Gone are the days […]

Fogging Equipment Supplier

Frasers Hygenix takes pride in being a professional hygiene product and fogging equipment supplier. We have a range of high-performing fogging equipment to ensure safe disinfection of large areas and surfaces. As a fogging equipment supplier, we understand the need to dispense disinfectants and sanitisers to ensure protection is provided to all desired areas. Our […]

How to Use Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipe on door handle

There is no denying the fact that antibacterial wipes have become an essential item. Most of us are carrying them around with us in our bags, cars, or pockets. You may also find that many stores sell out of antibacterial wipes quickly, proving that the demand for them is showing no sign of slowing down. […]

Advantages of having School Disinfectant Wipes

Packet of Bacoban wipes 2

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of things necessary – one such thing among many is the maintenance of hygiene. Continuing education in schools meant that schools have to adopt measures that will help maintain hygiene standards. School disinfectant wipes from Bacoban offer a solution that is both in-time and must. What are school […]

Lockdown Easing

Business reopening after lockdown

The Government has now released lockdown easing programs to allow us to slowly return back to normal. Many aspects of our lives will remain the same, social distancing, wearing of masks etc. This is necessary to ensure that infection numbers continue to fall, and we do not get another rise. Bacoban is not just any […]

Hand Sanitiser Medical Supplies

Man washing hands thoroughly

They say health is wealth, and you need to protect your health more than your wealth. With the global pandemic hovering over us, it is the need of time to be prepared. You can avoid so many diseases just by adopting good cleaning habits. We do not realize it much, but our hands get dirty […]