Bacoban helping with the safe return to work

Thankfully, the Covid pandemic seems to be more manageable now due to the successful rollout of inoculations. Companies now are beginning to plan the slow but safe return of employees to the workplace. Disinfectants are high on the agenda and the shopping list. Be aware that the standard types of disinfectants used will only destroy […]

Lockdown Easing

Business reopening after lockdown

The Government has now released lockdown easing programs to allow us to slowly return back to normal. Many aspects of our lives will remain the same, social distancing, wearing of masks etc. This is necessary to ensure that infection numbers continue to fall, and we do not get another rise. Bacoban is not just any […]

Renowned Bio Hygiene All Purpose Sanitiser In Stock

BioHygiene All purpose sanitizer

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the well known Bio Hygiene All Purpose Sanitiser. All-Purpose Sanitiser utilises eco-friendly, naturally derived, mild surfactant and a natural fermentation extract to produce an environmentally responsible and sustainable cleaner and disinfectant. Supplied in concentrate form, this product is super cost-effective! For more information follow this […]

Xpower ULV Foggers now in stock.

XPower cleaning image

We now have stock of the Xpower F-16 and F-16B ULV foggers from Xpower. XPOWER’s F-16 ULV (ultra-low volume) cold fogger offers you ultimate performance in a small package. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, this unit is ideal for full coverage for office, restaurants/food services, schools, hospitals, senior centres, pet boarding, greenhouse, commercial properties, […]