Advantages of having School Disinfectant Wipes

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of things necessary – one such thing among many is the maintenance of hygiene. Continuing education in schools meant that schools have to adopt measures that will help maintain hygiene standards. School disinfectant wipes from Bacoban offer a solution that is both in-time and must.

What are school disinfectant wipes?

School disinfectant wipes can be used to clean the classrooms and disinfect the room with ease. The Bacoban school disinfectant wipes by Frasers Hygenix are the ideal fit for this purpose. Using Bacoban school disinfectant wipes has never been more vital than now. The use of these wipes from Frasers Hygenix will play a monumental role in keeping the classroom clean, safe and functional for students.

Benefits of School Disinfectant Wipes

Education is an important part of life and more so during the pandemic. Incorporating different ways to make the classes clean is significant. One such way is by the use of Bacoban school disinfectant wipes. They come up with numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows;


The Bacoban school disinfectant wipes are ready-to-use wipes. Frasers Hygenix understands the importance of ready availability of the wipes. All the user has to do is to take out the wipe from the packet and use it.

Can be used everywhere in the school

The Bacoban school disinfectant wipes from Fraser Hygenix can be used anywhere and everywhere in school. The use of these wipes is not limited to classrooms or restrooms. It makes these wipes a better option to be used in the school.

No risk of cross-contamination

Using these school disinfectant wipes will play a huge role in reducing the risk of cross-contamination from cleaning products as well. The traditional towel and bucket method is no longer the correct method for cleaning the school from classrooms to offices and bathrooms. This method can now become the carrier of germs. Frasers Hygenix has solved this problem by offering Bacoban for cleaning without the risk of cross-contamination.

Effective cleaning

Keeping the environment clean free from germs is essential in today’s times. It is the only way to keep the schools functional along with continuous and correct use of masks alongside wipes as well. Effective cleaning can be achieved by using these wipes on desks and other surfaces in classrooms and restrooms.

Use on high-touch areas

Since these wipes come ready to use, they offer the perfect possibility to be used on high-touch surfaces like desks, light switches, bathroom counters, and any other surface with a high chance of coming into contact with dirt, bacteria, and grease.

All of these factors highlight the importance of using disinfectant wipes from Frasers Hygenix. Keep the school environment clean and safe for all with proper usage of the Bacoban wipes from Frasers Hygenix. The pandemic is here, and even after the situation will be better, it would make sense to be on the side of caution. Incorporate the use of these disinfectant wipes and keep your staff and your students safe.

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